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The 10 Best Bakeries in Paris

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France is famous for its baguettes and croissants. If you’re traveling there, it’s good to know the difference between a boulangerie and a patisserie. A patisserie, run by a pastry chef, specializes in sweets, while a boulangerie primarily bakes bread. In this article, we’ve compiled the 10 best bakeries in Paris. Some combine patisserie and boulangerie, while others focus solely on bread. What they all have in common is the most delicious bread in Paris, and possibly the world!

1. Poilâne 

Image Source: https://www.poilane.com/

Founded in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne, Boulangerie Poilâne has thrived by focusing on high-quality ingredients and creativity. The artisans at Poilâne meticulously handle every step of the process, from pastry to baking, continuing their rich tradition. We warmly recommend you try their flagship miche, a hearty sourdough bread with a robust crust and dense crumb, perfect with butter or jam. They have five locations in Paris.

2. Gana 

Image Source: https://www.gana.fr/

Boulangerie Gana is a family-run bakery managed by the three daughters of the renowned baker Bernard Ganachaud. They’ve preserved their traditional baguette recipe across generations – a must-try! Don’t miss their delicious croissants, too. Boulangerie Gana has 12 different locations in Paris. 

3. Maison Arnaud Delmontel

Image Source: https://www.arnaud-delmontel.com/

Trained as a pastry chef, Arnaud Delmontel continues the French baking tradition at his bakery, where he offers a variety of breads and baguettes. He emphasizes an artisanal approach with 100% homemade production, free from additives or preservatives. They also serve freshly baked traditional pastries. However, their standout treat is the macaron, especially the chocolate flavor, which won the 2023 Best Macaron in Île-de-France. Maison Arnaud Delmontel has four different locations in Paris. 

4. Du Pain et des Idées

Image Source: https://dupainetdesidees.com/

Nestled in a historic building at the intersection of Rue Yves Toudic and Rue de Marseille, Du Pain et des Idées is one of the best bakeries in Paris. Under the guidance of Christophe Vasseur, renowned for his dedication to traditional baking, it offers not only freshly baked bread but also exceptional pastries. Among them, their pain au chocolat (chocolate-filled croissant) remains a timeless favorite.

5. Boulangerie Alexine

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/boulangeriepatisseriealexine/

In fifth place is Alexine Bakery, a charming neighborhood gem found tucked away on a street corner – a delightful discovery for those who stumble upon it unexpectedly. Operating with an old-school approach, Alexine Bakery has built a strong reputation without relying on an official website. Loved by bread and pastry enthusiasts alike, it’s a bustling spot always filled with customers.

6.  Maison Landemaine

Image Source: https://maisonlandemaine.com/

Maison Landemaine introduces a fresh bakery concept across 15 locations in Paris. Their bread is naturally wholesome and delicious, crafted without additives or preservatives. Alongside their bread and pastries, they offer delightful fruit tarts and delicious macarons.

7. Au Petit Versailles du Marais

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/aupetitversaillesdumarais/

Also on our list of the best bakeries in Paris is Au Petit Versailles du Marais, a gem nestled in a historic setting. Located at 1 Rue Tiron, this place enchants with its enticing display and a breathtaking antique ceiling adorned with stained glass paintings. Led by Christian Vabret, a distinguished artisan, they ensure top quality, offering everything from crispy baguettes to exquisite pistachio croissants.

8. Des Gâteaux et du Pain

Image Source: https://www.desgateauxetdupain.com/

Des Gâteaux et du Pain is Claire Damon’s realm, where she brings her talent as an artisan raised in a family of exceptional chefs to blend the best of pastry and baking. With experience alongside masters like Pierre Hermé and Christophe Michalak, Claire’s bread and pastries are not only perfect in appearance but also delicious, offering a true delight for both the eyes and the palate.

9. Le Boulanger de la Tour

Image Source: https://boulangerdelatour.com/

Le Boulanger de la Tour is the bakery of the Michelin-starred restaurant La Tour d’Argent, one of Paris’s oldest and most luxurious establishments, dating back to 1582. Managed by the talented head baker Kévin Derpierre, the bakery crafts all products using natural sourdough and carefully selected organic flours. Their pain au chocolat is renowned for its perfect golden crispiness and delicious flavor, making it a highlight of French gastronomy.

10.  Laurent Duchêne

Image Source: https://www.laurentduchene.com/

On our list of the best bakeries in Paris, we cannot miss Laurent Duchêne! They offer fresh bread made with natural ingredients, and their pastries are treated like works of art. The chocolate éclair is exceptional, and you must also try their mini-macarons, available in various flavors.

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