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The 10 Best Beer Bars in Frankfurt am Main

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Frankfurt am Main is a beautiful city to visit year-round and a top destination for beer enthusiasts. A trip to Germany is irresistible for beer lovers, with or without Oktoberfest, and no visit to Frankfurt is complete without sampling its blond and red beers. Here are the 10 best beer bars in Frankfurt where you can enjoy excellent brews.

1. Bier-Hannes

Image Source: https://bier-hannes.de/

On the eastern edge of Frankfurt, along the northern bank of the Main River, this inn-brewery offers a historic setting where you can enjoy hearty portions of perfectly cooked meat paired with Bier-Hannes Mai-Bock beer. For an authentic local experience, Bier-Hannes is a must-visit.

2. Apfelwein Solzer

Image Source: https://www.apfelwein-solzer.de/

Frankfurt is famous for its Apfelwein, or apple wine, similar to cider. To taste this local drink, visit Apfelwein Solzer in the Bornheim district. They produce fresh Apfelwein daily using a secret recipe. Enjoy it in their spacious beer garden or the cozy indoor tavern on cooler evenings.

3. Zur Sonne

Image by Michael Pusch

Founded in 1768, this historic tavern is perfect for enjoying authentic Frankfurt beers. The charming house offers a cool, spacious atmosphere and a large garden that seats 350, ideal for summer. Zur Sonne features traditional wooden seating, draft and bottled beers, and the must-try Apfelwein.

4. TapHouse Frankfurt

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/taphousefrankfurt/

TapHouse is a unique brewery, pub, and restaurant offering a diverse range of craft beers paired with Indian cuisine. Since opening in 2020, it has become a popular spot. It is well-known for its friendly service and the extensive beer menu featuring Bavarian brews and IPAs. Additionally, TapHouse offers tasting events for groups of 10 to over 200 people, with opportunities for beer, wine, gin, and whisky tastings.

5. Apfelweinwirtschaft Dauth-Schneider

Image by Ha Than Hong

Apfelweinwirtschaft Dauth-Schneider is a small tavern in authentic German style. Large beer barrels decorate the area, signaling it as the perfect spot for enjoying beer and Apfelwein. With a menu of homemade specialties at reasonable prices, it’s a classic city hangout, ideal for a leisurely post-meal stroll.

6. Zur Schönen Müllerin

Image Source: https://zur-schoenen-muellerin.eatbu.com/

Smaller than typical taverns, Zur Schönen Müllerin offers a pleasant local atmosphere with a small outdoor area on a quiet side street adorned with red umbrellas and plants. Proudly serving traditional Apfelwein, it’s a delightful spot to sample Frankfurt’s specialty away from tourist crowds. 

7. Zu den 12 Aposteln

Image Source: https://12aposteln-frankfurt.de/

On our list of the best beer bars in Frankfurt, we can’t overlook Zu den 12 Aposteln. It is a cozy tavern offering a diverse menu featuring international and local cuisine. Guests can savor a wide selection of excellent beers while enjoying the ambiance of the establishment.

8. Niddastrand

Image Source: http://niddastrand.de/

Niddastrand is a must-visit relaxing strandbar and beer garden in Frankfurt. Complete with deck chairs, large umbrellas, and a dedicated kids’ area, it’s the ideal place to unwind with draft beer in hand. For those feeling peckish, BBQ specialties like “brot und wurtz” are sure to satisfy. It’s the perfect recipe for a fantastic day out.

9. Naïv

Image Source: https://www.naiv-frankfurt.de/

Naïv is a bar and restaurant specializing in craft beer with a staggering selection of around 50 varieties from across the globe. And it’s not just about the drinks – the restaurant serves delicious dishes in a laid-back atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

10. Alte Schiffsmeldestelle

Image Source: https://www.schiffsmeldestelle.de/

Our list of the best beer bars in Frankfurt concludes with the charming SMS, formally known as Alte Schiffsmeldestelle. Once a ship registration point, it now offers a relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying a refreshing drink. With large white umbrellas, deck chairs, and chilled music in the background, Alte Schiffsmeldestelle is a must-visit spot for any visitor to Frankfurt.

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