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Top 10 Places to Experience the Best Beer in Berlin

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Known as “liquid bread” in medieval times, beer is essential to German culture and ingrained in their identity. The VLB (Berlin’s educational institution in the brewing industry) is among the world’s best for training master brewers. This expertise ensures Berlin brewers excel in both traditional and innovative craft beers. If you’re looking to visit the German capital, here are the top 10 places where you can experience the best beer in Berlin.

1. Hops & Barley

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/hopsandbarley/

Named after a song by the British punk rock band Leatherface, this Berlin craft microbrewery opened in Friedrichshain in 2008. Known for its Art Nouveau-style tiles, Hops & Barley is one of the city’s earliest establishments, acclaimed for the best beer in Berlin. You can also try their own light, dark, and seasonal beers. 

2. Lemke

Image Source: https://www.lemke.berlin/en

Oli Lemke, founder of Lemke Brewery, began in 1998 with a garage-built brewery. With friends, he transformed a derelict space at Hackescher Markt into a brewery resembling Amsterdam’s Heineken Factory. The venture grew popular, expanding to include Leopold’s Brauhaus at Alexanderplatz (now Brauhaus Mitte). Using original Berlin ingredients, Lemke beer has been bottled at their own facility since 2015, offering a variety of brews.

3. Wilhelm Hoeck 1892

Image Source: https://wilhelm-hoeck.de/

Established in 1892, as its name proudly suggests, Wilhelm Hoeck began with wine and champagne services, later expanding into distillation and liquor production. It now features a tasting room and has been a witness to the city’s history. Specialties include homemade gnocchi, game from Brandenburg’s forests, and meat and fish from regional producers. It is one of the top places where you can experience the best beer in Berlin. Plus, they offer Europe’s finest blood sausage.

4. Muted Horn

Image Source: https://themutedhorn.com/

The staff at the Muted Horn keeps things fresh by regularly rotating their 22 taps, so there’s always something new to discover. They’re knowledgeable and happy to suggest beers from their diverse selection. If you’re unsure what to choose, you can opt for a tasting flight with four different beers in 0.15l servings. While they don’t have food service, feel free to bring your own snacks or order from nearby eateries!

5. BRLO Brwhouse

Image Source: https://en.brlo.de/

Set in a bohemian-industrial atmosphere built from recycled containers, BRLO Brwhouse is a haven for craft beer and seasonal food enthusiasts alike. They produce small-batch Helles, Pale Ale, and Weisse available on tap, in bottles, and cans. Alongside these, enjoy a rotating selection of local, national, and international beers. Founded by Katherina, Christian, and Michael, BRLO is synonymous with quality and modern beer experiences in Berlin. 

6. Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus

Image Source: https://www.altberliner-wirtshaus.de/

Located in Berlin’s Nikolaiviertel district, between Alexanderplatz and the Brandenburg Gate,  Alt-Berliner Wirtshaus began as an attempt to recreate an old Berlin pub specializing in Weisse, a light and flavorful wheat beer traditional to the city. Today, it also serves as a restaurant with a classic style.

7.  Max und Moritz

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/MaxundMoritzBerlin/

Opened in 1902, Max und Moritz has evolved while preserving its original cozy atmosphere. Located in the heart of Kreuzberg 36, the venue boasts an Art Nouveau decor with intricately painted panels and historical reliefs. It features multiple floors and serves popular German cuisine, maintaining a diverse menu.

8. Hopfenreich

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/hopfenreichberlin

With its candlelit ambiance, Hopfenreich attracts passersby who are eager to try the best beer in Berlin. Founded after the success of Berlin Brewfest 2014,  it offers themed beer tastings like Craft Beer for Dummies, Best of Berlin, and Best of Hopfenreich. After a visit, enjoy a stroll along nearby canals or cross the Spree River to the East Side Gallery.

9. Georgbräu

Image Source: https://www.georgbraeu.de/

In the Nikolaiviertel district, there’s another place where you can experience the best beer in Berlin: Georgbräu. The pub seats over 250 indoors and 350 on the panoramic terrace overlooking the River Spree. Since 1992, they’ve been exclusively brewing and serving Georg Pils, a popular German-style Pilsner known for its light, smooth taste. The kitchen uses strictly local ingredients, maintaining tradition.

10. Eschenbräu

Image Source: https://eschenbraeu.de/

In the heart of Wedding’s Sprengelkiez district, the Eschenbräu brewery is a top spot for enjoying beer year-round. Here, master brewer Martin Eschenbrenner has been crafting homemade beer for about 15 years. With a spacious outdoor courtyard and cozy basement, the pub always offers the best to its customers. The brewery’s scattered equipment creates a quirky and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a cold beer among friends.

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