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The 10 Best Chocolate Shops in Brussels

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If you haven’t had the chance to explore Brussels yet, you should know it’s teeming with chocolate shops everywhere you turn. It’s practically impossible to resist, thanks to the aroma of sugar and cocoa that wafts through the air and the vibrant colors of chocolates and confections that dazzle your eyes. In this guide, you’ll discover the 10 best chocolate shops in Brussels, known for their exceptional quality that surpasses many others in the area.

1. Witammer

Image Source: https://wittamer.com/

Founded by Henri Wittamer in the early 20th century, Witammer has grown into an internationally acclaimed brand. With a century-long tradition and a legacy passed down through generations, Wittamer is renowned for its exquisite confections and status as an official supplier to the Court. Specializing in cakes, ice creams, chocolates, and macarons, Wittamer’s fame extends beyond Belgium, with a presence in Japan since the late 1980s. This makes Wittamer a symbol of Belgian culinary excellence worldwide.

2. Atelier Sainte Catherine

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/Ateliersaintecatherine/

Atelier Sainte Catherine, founded by Frederic Blondeel in 2013, is celebrated for its “Bean-to-Bar ” chocolates. After Blondeel’s passing, his team continued his legacy with the “Pure Origine” range, using high-quality cacao beans from single plantations. Each chocolate reflects the unique flavors of its origin, making it one of the best chocolate shops in Brussels.

3. Benoît Nihant

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/benoitnihantchocolatier/

Benoît Nihant, who switched careers to follow his passion for chocolate, is among Brussels’ best. In 2015, he bought a plantation in Peru, ensuring control over the entire production process from bean to bar. The plantation is part of a state-supported effort to replace coca crops with cacao and includes a significant reforestation program. His elegant shop in Brussels reflects his commitment to quality and sustainability.

4. Mary

Image Source: https://www.mary.be/

Mary, a historic name in Brussels chocolate, was founded in 1919 by Mary Delluc who opened her shop on the elegant Rue Royal to attract a high-end clientele. She meticulously recorded customers’ favorite chocolates and presented them in silk-wrapped boxes. The brand expanded over time, and in 1942, Mary became an Official Supplier to the Belgian Royal Household, a title renewed multiple times.

5. Laurent Gerbaud

Image Source: https://www.chocolatsgerbaud.be/

Inspired by his travels in the Far East, chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud combines chocolate, fruit, and spices to create unique, delicious treats. Starting with dark chocolate-covered Chinese mandarins, his range now includes lemon peels, figs, apricots, plums, nuts, and much more. For a special experience, join a chocolate workshop for beginners run by Laurent Gerbaud every Saturday.

6. BS40

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/BS40Brussels/

BS40 is one of the best chocolate shops in Brussels, founded by Jean-Philippe Darcis. Renowned for his masterful craftsmanship, Darcis has made the shop a must-visit for chocolate lovers in the capital. Moreover, BS40’s macarons are widely acclaimed as some of the best in Brussels, rivaling even those from the most famous macaron shops in Paris.

7. Neuhaus

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/neuhaus/

In 1856, Jean Neuhaus opened a pharmacy in Brussels in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine. To help customers swallow the medicine, he coated pills with a thin layer of chocolate. His nephew later replaced medicine with tasty fillings, creating the famous Belgian pralines. Neuhaus also owns a cocoa plantation in Ecuador and uses 100% sustainable raw materials. The original shop still exists, with additional locations in Brussels and worldwide.

8. Pierre Marcolini

Image Source: https://eu.marcolini.com/en/

Pierre Marcolini is a master chocolatier, named World Pastry Champion in 1995. He ensures exceptional quality by carefully selecting and directly importing cocoa beans in his workshop. This meticulous process results in intensely flavorful pralines and chocolates, appreciated especially by dark chocolate enthusiasts.

9. Leonidas

Image Source: https://www.leonidas.com/

Leonidas is one of the most commercial chocolate shops in Brussels. However, that doesn’t compromise their quality. It’s an ideal spot for indulging in chocolate and finding great gifts, all made from carefully selected 100% natural ingredients. You’ll find several shops conveniently located across the city.

10. Mike & Becky 

Image Source: https://mikeandbecky.be/

Mike & Becky was founded in 2016 by Björn Becker and Julia Mikerova. They are Brussels’ first “Bean-to-Bar Small-Batch” workshop, focusing on minimal sugar, fair trade practices, and organic ingredients. Their transparent approach lets visitors see the artisanal cocoa processing firsthand. 

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