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The 10 Best Gelato Shops in Italy

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Summer’s here, and you know what that means… Ice cream time! With the scorching heat, nothing beats a delicious gelato to sweeten and cool you down. We’ve got the scoop on the top 10 best gelato shops in Italy, all serving up artisanal delights with fresh, seasonal ingredients and plenty of original flavors. Ready to discover the best gelato Italy has to offer?

1. Gelateria Fassi, Rome

Image Source: https://www.gelateriafassi.com/

In Rome, Fassi is a legend in ice cream. Their “Palazzo del Freddo” has been around since 1928, growing from a small shop opened in 1880. Now led by Andrea Fassi, they offer famous treats like the chocolate-covered Sanpietrino and the creamy Caterinetta. They also have classic flavors like tiramisu, hazelnut, and Bourbon vanilla, plus seasonal fruit options. You can also book a tour of their museum and lab, ending with a tasting. 

2. Gelateria De’Coltelli, Pisa

Image Source: https://www.decoltelli.it/

Gelateria De’ Coltelli thrives on top-quality ingredients such as fresh whole milk, sugar, cream, free-range egg yolks, carob bean flour, and sea salt, selected by master gelato maker Gianfrancesco Cutelli. Their commitment has earned them several prestigious awards, including three Coni Gambero Rosso awards from 2017 to 2024, the 2024 CNA Innovation Award, and first place at the 2019 Sherbeth Festival.

3. Günther Gelato Italiano, Rome

Image Source: https://www.gunthergelatoitaliano.com/

Günther Rohregger went from a carpenter and ski instructor in Bolzano to an ice cream maker in Rome. He opened his first shop in 2012 on Pettinari Street, using high-quality ingredients like mountain Plose water and organic milk. Now, he has five shops, including one at Mercato Centrale, featuring unique flavors like mountain pine, ricotta with Strega liqueur, and 75% Cru Criollo Domori chocolate. 

4. Aria Gelateria, Turin

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ariagelateria/

Master gelato makers Davide Ferrero and Roberto Speranza launched Aria in 2022 on Santa Giulia Street in the Vanchiglia neighborhood. Designed by Nicoletta Carbotti, the gelateria reflects their vision of a fresh, spacious, and vibrant space. Aria offers three categories of flavors: Classiconi (classic), Vegani (vegan), and Speri-Mentali (experimental), each featuring unique and delicious combinations. Aria Gelateria is one of the best gelato shops in Italy where you can savor new flavors in a fun atmosphere. 

5. Pavé Gelati & Granite, Milan

Image Source: https://www.pavemilano.com

In 2012, Pavé Bakery was founded by friends Luca Scanni, Dietro Bamberghi, and Giovanni Giberti. Four years later, they opened Pavé Gelati e Granite on Cesare Battisti Street, offering artisanal ice creams made from seasonal ingredients. They feature both traditional and unique flavors like stracchino cheese with currants and buckwheat or bread, butter, and Centosessanta chocolate. They also serve delicious homemade granitas, sorbets, and chocolate bars.

6. Verolatte, Vigevano

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/verolattevigevano/

Opened in 2015 in Vigevano, Pavia province, Massimiliano Scotti’s authentic gelato boutique has garnered many awards for its simple flavors reminiscent of childhood snacks. Known for the riso&latte (rice and milk) flavor, Verolatte doubles as a pastry shop with an open kitchen, offering fresh croissants for breakfast and serving lunch and aperitivo. Verolatte’s gelato reflects Massimiliano’s commitment to quality, crafted exclusively from locally sourced, natural ingredients.

7. Gelato Gabriele Vannucci, Florence

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/p/Gelato-Gabriele-Vannucci-100087505022387

Gabriele Vannucci is a master gelato maker trained under Alain Ducasse and Heston Blumenthal. He is also a master at AMPI – Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs. In 2022, he opened his artisan gelateria – Gelato Gabriele Vannucci –  offering classic flavors like hazelnut and pistachio, alongside creative options like Andy Warhol gelato with white chocolate, mango, and banana or the popular Crema Vannucci with zabaglione cream and vermouth-soaked raisins.

8. Cappadonia Gelati, Palermo

Image Source: https://www.cappadonia.it/

In Palermo’s central Piazzetta Bagnasco, you’ll find Antonio Cappadonia’s gelateria, renowned for its gelato that champions Sicilian excellence. Cappadonia meticulously selects fruits to create gelato with perfect taste, using only seasonal, high-quality ingredients sourced directly from local producers. Highlights include Noto passito cream and salted caramel flavors, along with a must-try late-season mandarin granita from Ciaculli. 

9. La Mela Verde, Venice

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/lamelaverdevenezia

La Mela Verde, an artisanal gelateria on Fondamenta de l’Osmarin Street in Venice, is renowned for its variety of innovative flavors, from fruits to creamy delights, with their cremini being a standout feature. Favorites include Kinder Bueno, Oreo, almond and pistachio, dark chocolate and pistachio, and more. It’s one of the best gelato shops in Italy for its ever-changing flavors, excellent value, and use of fresh, high-quality ingredients.

10. La Parona del Gelato, Parona

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/ParonaDelGelato/

In this quaint gelateria located in Verona province, gelato artisan Giovanna Bonazzi has garnered global acclaim. La Parona del Gelato offers top flavors like Sbrisolona with Recioto wine and Romeo’s Sighs and Juliet’s Kisses (small almond-flavored tender cookies). If you find yourself in Verona, it’s an ideal spot to indulge in gelato and take a stroll along the nearby Adige River.

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