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The 10 Best Restaurants in Bucharest

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Planning to spend a few days in Bucharest but unsure where to eat? After compiling our list of the top 10 best clubs and bars in Bucharest, today we want to recommend 10 restaurants for you to try in the Romanian capital. This selection offers a variety of cuisines, from traditional to international, in charming and delicious settings!

1. Casa di David

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/casadidavid/

Based on hundreds of customer reviews and our team’s experience, Casa Di David is widely regarded as the best restaurant in Bucharest. It’s consistently bustling, and during summer, you can enjoy dining on the terrace with views of Herastrau Park Lake. Nestled in a natural setting, it offers a serene escape from city noise, serving delicious Italian cuisine such as truffle tagliatelle, four-cheese risotto, and exquisite hams. The service is exceptional, with attentive wait staff always ready to assist you.

2. Excalibur

Image Source: https://www.restaurantexcalibur.ro/

Excalibur is a medieval-themed restaurant in Bucharest that transports you to an ancient castle atmosphere with knights and ladies. It features long banquet tables with wooden chairs, wait staff dressed in period costumes, terracotta mugs, ancient weapons, and coats of arms throughout. The unique twist? No utensils! Everything is eaten with your hands, though they provide a bowl with water and lemon for cleaning up. It’s definitely one of Bucharest’s most unique dining spots!

3. Hop Garden 

Image Source: https://hopgarden.ro/

Hop Garden is a brewery in Bucharest known for its large outdoor garden and international cuisine, offering a non-touristy dining experience. The ambiance is elegant and well-maintained, with frequent concerts and events held in the spacious venue. Their menu is diverse, featuring a wide range of dishes including many vegetarian options, despite their focus on meat specialties.

4. 18 Lounge

Image Source: https://18lounge.ro/

Located atop the South Tower of City Gate, 18 Lounge is a serene spot in central Bucharest. From its perch on the 18th floor, it boasts unforgettable panoramic views. The modern design and comfortable seating make each visit memorable, whether you’re looking for entertainment or relaxation under the stars. With a blend of locals and visitors, the atmosphere strikes the perfect balance: lively yet relaxed.

5. Caru’ Cu Bere

Image Source: https://www.carucubere.ro/

In Bucharest’s lively Old Town, Caru’ cu Bere is a must-visit spot. Its stunning Gothic design invites you into a bustling setting alive with Romanian traditions and delightful dishes. With live music ranging from touching folk tunes to popular hits, it captures the true essence of Romania. Whether you’re there for a hearty lunch, a lively dinner, or drinks into the night, the mix of locals and visitors creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

6. Restaurant Delea Noua

Image Source: https://www.restaurant-deleanoua.ro/

This off-the-beaten-path restaurant is a hidden gem for those wanting a genuine Romanian dining experience. Delea Noua offers an affordable lunch menu with multiple courses and a selection of traditional dishes – all accompanied by lively party music and a spectacular presentation of Romanian customs and traditions. 

7. Bistro La Etaj

Image Source: https://cismigiu.ro/

Pink lovers, this is your spot! The walls and decor here are adorned with every shade of pink. The ambiance is modern, with soft lighting adding a Parisian bistro charm. Bistro La Etaj is located on the top floor of the Cismigiu Hotel and it boasts a panoramic terrace where you can enjoy exquisite dishes with a stunning view.

8. Resto Aperto

Image Source: https://www.restoaperto.ro/

Resto Aperto is a seafood restaurant that is perfect for outings with friends or children. It’s also a pizzeria and lounge café with Italian cuisine, blending modern-minimalist and traditional Italian styles. Created by Salad Box founder Dan Isai and the Sterling Cruise group, Resto Aperto uses modern technology to innovate its culinary process.

9. Locanta Jaristea

Image Source: https://jaristea.ro/

For a unique dining experience, don’t miss Locanta Jaristea. With elegant decor, excellent service, and a diverse menu, it stands out as one of the best restaurants in Bucharest. Owner Aurora Nicolau has captured the charm of old Bucharest, complemented by live music, dance, and comedy.

10. Zexe

Image Source: https://zexe.ro/

Zexe is renowned for its authentic Romanian dishes and international offerings such as smoked duck breast and Foie Gras. They are highly regarded as one of Romania’s top restaurants, particularly excelling in desserts crafted in their own confectionery lab. While slightly more expensive than other Romanian restaurants, the quality of their cuisine more than justifies the cost.

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